Our mission is to promote the lifetime sport of tennis in the Greater Fort Worth Area.

Ft Worth, USTA 60% Rule for 2020

The Greater Ft Worth Tennis Coalition (GFWTC) has instituted the following rule effective January 1, 2020. (For leagues beginning after Jan 1, 2020)

Rosters: Team rosters must be made up of 60% of players residing within the Ft Worth playing area.

The current Ft Worth playing area includes: Tarrant County/Denton County/Parker County/Hood County (Pecan Plantation)/Johnson County (Southern Oaks) not a complete list, please contact coordinator for any questions.

The GFWTC has made this decision as we feel it is in the best interest of our Ft Worth, USTA Community. 



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These organizations offer a variety of adult and junior tennis programs for respective areas.
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