Our mission is to promote the lifetime sport of tennis in the Greater Fort Worth Area.

Updated League Rules for 2019

Visit your league rules page on this website and check out the updated and consolidated rules for 2019.  This consolidated GFWTC Rules and Regulations will be used for all leagues – Ladies, Men’s and Combo.

Highlights of updates from this year:
>  50% of  players on a team must be at level in leagues that advances to sectionals
>  Players can play on more than one team at playoffs, IF teams are at different levels
>  Winter 40+ players promoted to a higher level CANNOT participate in local playoffs
>  The deadline to accept or decline the bid for playoffs is 24 hours after the bid is made

Important Links

The Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition is represented by area tennis organizations.
These organizations offer a variety of adult and junior tennis programs for respective areas.
Visit their website for additional information.

Learn more about USTA programs through these USTA websites.